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    Pest Infestation Warning Sign

    Fending off pests is a common household problem people have experienced at least once in a lifetime. Whether your afraid of pests or not, rodents and insects (or bugs) can be annoying.

    Pests can be fairly easy to get rid of, but when they start growing in numbers, that’s when they become a serious problem. Get to know more about how you can prevent pest infestation by checking for early warning signs.

    Let’s know more about these common household pets and what their early warning signs are:

    Signs of rodents

    Rats and mice are one of a home’s worst nightmare. They can be a serious issue to deal with since they can fit in tight spaces, reproduce rapidly, and transfer dangerous diseases. Rodents can contaminate food, which makes them even more dangerous when they’re left unchecked.

    Since rodents have non-stop growing teeth, they like to gnaw on various things like plastic, wires, and sometimes soft metal. To prevent rodent infestation as early as possible, take note of these signs of rodents:

    • Bite marks, especially on wooden objects and surfaces
    • Scratching sounds
    • Concerted clumps of faeces
    • Foul smell due to faeces

    Live traps and poison baits are the ideal methods of getting rid of rodents.

    Signs of mosquito infestation

    Mosquitoes are one of the world’s deadliest creatures known to humans. If they’re not taken care of, you’ll risk having dengue or malaria while you’re at home. To prepare viable solutions for mosquito treatment, check out these early signs of mosquito infestation:

    • Mosquito larvae can be normally found in stagnant and dirty water
    • Buzzing sounds near your proximity at night
    • Red itchy bumps on your skin

    Prevent mosquito infestation early on by making sure there is no dirty and stagnant water around your home. Clean any stationary areas where water is prominent. Water-based misting is also an ideal solution to eliminate mosquitoes in a colourless and odourless manner.

    Signs of cockroach infestation

    Cockroaches are one of Singapore’s most common pests. They’re sneaky, resilient, and gross. Roaches are also known for spreading harmful diseases that can cause allergic reactions due to their faeces. Here are some common signs of roach infestation:

    • Cockroach faeces that resemble tiny beans
    • Mouldy and damp smell from roach bodies
    • Cockroach eggs in the form of an oval are usually hidden in dark areas

    Perform cockroach treatment the right way. Pest Off suggests the inspection and flush out treatment. Here, we shall inspect the entire area for roaches. Then, our trained specialists will flush out the roaches and proceed to eliminate them using chemical treatment or bait.

    Call the professionals

    If pests are too much of a disturbance at your home, feel free to contact the professionals at any moment. Pest Off is a team of expert exterminators who can perform termite and bed bug treatment methods in Singapore. Once we’ve assessed the situation, your home will be pest-free!

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