Flies are a common pest nuisance, known to transmit diseases. They are often associated with bad hygiene as they feed on garbage, unprotected food, animal faeces and carcasses.


Truths about Flies

Fly Facts

  1. Flies are one of the major vectors for spreading diseases.
  2. Flies lay their eggs on fruit, food, other animals and even rotting flesh.
  3. Flies like to eat manure, which is animal poop, or old garbage.
  4. Flies can transmit 65 different kind of diseases such astyphoid , fever, dysentery, cholera to humans.

Signs of infestation

Sightings of maggots in decomposing organic matter

Black dots around lightings

Frequent sightings of flies around your premises


Preventions Advice

  1. Cover food -flies spread diseases by landing on food before we eat it.
  2. Fit fly screens – to windows, especially around kitchen and waste areas.
  3. Keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains
  4. Clear food debris – and liquid spillage’s immediately, particularly from under kitchen units and appliances
  5. Bins – ensure all exterior dustbins and internal bins have tightly sealed lids

Methods of Treatment

Inspection + Flush Out

Our pest control specialist would inspect the premise for any possible breeding grounds and food source creating a fly issue for your premise. Our technicians would initial a flush out for the premise eliminating any possible breeding spots.


Our chemicals are handpicked over multiple trails to select only the premium range of NEA approve chemicals which is safe, odorless and does not stain any furniture or walls. And the bottom line effective in carrying out the treatment. For an immediate solution a space dispersion treatment will be used to kill off any flies in the premise, leaving a residual up to 1 month to kill any flies that may land on its surface.


For a long term maintenance we will recommend our non-zap fly catcher, as they use an adhesive to trap the flies this reduces the spread of disease. We are also able to customize the design on our fly catchers to suit your deco.

What Should You Do?

Seeking the advice of a trusted professional with experience with flies is important to ensure effective control over any fly problem. Over-the-counter measures are usually one-off solutions that do not effectively combat the problem and provide long-term assurance. Our NEA certified consultants are trained in the latest and most effective techniques for identification, management and prevention of flies.

Having troubles with pests?

How we can help

  1. Identification of potential breeding source of flies
  2. Selection of the best type of treatment for your specific situation
  3. Professional application of the treatment to ensure the best chance of success
  4. Advise on long-term prevention measures

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Why Choose Us?

All-in-one quick relief from infestation

Access to professional methods unavailable to consumers

Government-registered premium grade chemicals

Specialised inspection by our professionals to get to the source of the problem

In-house R&D team constantly revise and enhance our methods

Re-treatment within warranty period at NO COST