Birds are a common sight in Singapore. They are highly intelligent and resourceful. Many birds roost around ledges. Seemingly harmless, this is potentially unhygienic. Furthermore, birds carry around parasites and diseases that are harmful and potentially deadly to humans.

For example, pigeons can spread yeast or fungus infection which is scientifically known as Candidiasis.


Truths about birds

Bird Facts

  1. Birds and their droppings carry more than 60 different kinds of diseases, of which some are fatal.
  2. Birds carry mites that can find their ways into house and cause skin irritation and infection.
  3. Bird droppings can corrode paint works and steel.

Signs of infestation

Bird droppings all over ledge and floor

Feathers on the ground

Itchiness due to mites infestation


Preventions Advice

  1. Check around the premise to see if anyone has been feeding the birds
  2. Ensure that all food wastes are kept in closed bins.
  3. Clean and vacuum frequently if there is a mites infestation

Methods of Treatment

1. Preparation of surfaces

As bird droppings contain bacteria sand viruses, the sea will have to be sterilised before the scraping and removal of the droppings.

2. Bird Spikes & Tension Cables

Our bird spikes & tension cables are made of high quality stainless steel tips and a polycarbonate composite which are UV- and weather-resistant. They can last up to last up to 7 to 10 years. The use of tension cables is another method used on pipes. This prevents birds from roosting on the ledge and forces them to fly away.

3. Bird Repellents

Our Bird Repellent is a non-toxic gel. When applied on surfaces, it serves a dual purpose, 1) using smell to deter birds and 2) using the texture of the gel to create an uncomfortable sensation on the birds. This repellent can be used both outdoors and indoors.

4. What Should You Do?

Seek professional advise and plan a site visit is the best way to start your bird prevention journey. Our NEA-certified consultants are trained in the latest and most effective methods for management and prevention. In addition they are also professionally trained to operate boom lifts and scissors lifts.

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  2. Selection of the best type of prevention method for your situation
  3. Professional methods to ensure best chance of success
  4. Advise on long-term prevention measures

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