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    Seasonal Pest Control

    Recently bought your first home? Living in your very first home seems like a milestone in life. You’ve finally achieved your personal residence thanks to sheer hard work. But while you’re relaxing at home, there are some problems you might not have experienced yet.

    One common problem is dealing with pests. This is a normal task for every homeowner out there. However, dealing with pests shouldn’t be a problem for you every day as long as you know how to assess every pest situation.

    If you’re a first-time homeowner, here are some tips to get pests of your fresh property.

    Inspect your property

    Before you bought your new home, you’ve probably had the entire area inspected. However, the best way to make sure your property is almost free of pests, check every corner and flooring to see if there are any potential nesting areas for pests.

    Once you’re getting a little more comfortable around your home, monitor the place and see if pests are still prominent. Pests such as rodents, roaches, flies, and mosquitoes are common around residential homes. Monitor and see how frequent these pests show up on your radar.

    Deny them access to water and food

    If rodents and roaches suddenly appear, it’s more likely they have access to water and food. Each pest has its own source of water and food. Here are different pests and how you can deny them access to water and food sources:


    Rats are one of the most annoying pests to deal with. If they grow in numbers, they’re certainly hard to get rid off. To reduce the presence of rodents in your new home, prevent them from intruding your property by cutting off their water and food supply. This means you should frequently clean your home and get rid of dirty water. Also, block rodents’ access through walls, drain pipes, and vents. This should prevent them from intruding your home.


    Like rodents, roaches are difficult to deal with especially in numbers. Fortunately, it’s just as easy (if not easier) to deal with roaches. Do the same method of denying access to food by sealing tightly sealing food containers to prevent roaches from coming through. Frequently dispose of cardboard boxes to eliminate any potential nesting areas for cockroach eggs. Always throw away your trash every day; this denies roaches access to food.


    As deadly as they can be, mosquitoes are the harbinger of diseases such as dengue and malaria. If you’re beginning to see more and more mosquitoes in your house, it’s best to assess the situation as quickly as possible. The best method of mosquito prevention is to eliminate areas of unclean water around your home. Frequently eliminate stagnant water in gutters, buckets, and drains where mosquitoes can breed.

    Contact the professionals

    When in doubt, the ideal solution is to contact expert exterminators who can deal with your pest problems quickly. Call Pest Off, one of the leading pest control companies in Singapore. For all things related to expert pest control services, Pest Off can deliver.

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