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    Natural Pest Control

    There has been an upward trend in recent years for consumers and business alike to go green and become more eco-friendly. Along with trend is a sentiment that natural and organic products are healthier and safer – if not more effective – than their synthetic counterparts.

    The pest control industry has responded to this demand with innovations in products, materials as well as methods, which include offering natural pesticides to clients that request for organic-based services.

    However, terms like organic, green, and all-natural have started to become cliché and somehow created confusion among consumers. So, what does natural really mean with regards to pesticides? How effective it is in terms of pest control?

    In this article, we find out how effective natural pest control remedies are and what’s the best approach when addressing pest infestation at home.

    What Are Natural Pesticides?

    For the sake of transparency, natural pesticides refer to products derived exclusively from natural resources with little to no chemical alteration. Synthetic pesticides, on the other hand, are products of chemical alteration.

    All Pesticides are Toxic

    As mentioned, natural pesticides are assumed safer, healthier, and eco-friendly than synthetic products. The truth, however, is that natural pesticides are also toxic substances to some degree and the suffix -cide, which is a Latin term for killer, speaks for itself.

    In fact, in some cases, natural pesticides are actually deadlier and carry a higher risk than synthetic ones. Nicotine, for instance, is a substance derived from plants. Although natural, it can be fatal to many living organisms, even in relatively small quantities.

    If anything, synthetic pesticides today are highly-targeted to specific species thus, carry less risk for non-target species. Furthermore, while there are concerns about pesticides being carcinogens, mutagens or teratogens, it’s not always the case for artificial pesticides.

    As a pest management company in Singapore, we believe that while pesticides are toxic, the risk is reduced by the way they are administered. We also remain firm to the belief that the success of pest management services lies to the integration of traditional and eco-friendly methods; and that natural pest control doesn’t always necessarily mean the use of organic pesticides.

    Preventing Pest is a Green Option

    Having that said, preventing pests from invading your home in the first place, is an eco-friendly option – and often it takes sealing up all the cracks and holes that may serve as an entryway for pests such as rats, ants, and cockroaches into your home.

    On the inside, cleaning and maintaining your home will go a long way to deprive pests, such as dust mites and fleas, of an ideal shelter to thrive in. While you’re at it, you must also ensure that you bathe your pets and check them for mites on a regular basis.

    In the event that you’re having a severe pest infestation at home, it’s unlike that you’ll be capable of getting the problem under control with these methods, and it’s safe to say that it’s maybe time to seek professional help.

    Pest Control Treatments by Pest Off

    Pest Off is a professional and service-oriented pest control service provider that offers the highest standard of pest control services both in residential and commercial properties. It is our commitment to keep your family safe both from the pests that are infesting you and from the chemicals that you feel are harmful.

    We guarantee that our staff is equipped with the essential skills and professional training required to deliver effective pest control methods and uses only premium-graded chemicals that are also approved by the National Environmental Agency board.

    Get in touch with us today for an initial assessment and pest management plan.

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