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    Pest control is a very important item that every homeowner should include in their maintenance list.

    In fact, more than ever, pest eradication has become a serious concern since more and more people face the challenges of constant infestation in their homes and offices such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, rodents, termites, and more. These pests pose as a threat not only on the well-being of humans but on their surroundings, pets, and food supplies as well.

    But, while they are alarming, the pest eradication process has dramatically evolved into different treatment methodologies, each proven to be effective in their own ways.

    As a trusted pest management company in Singapore, we apply our science-based approach to providing effective solutions that will help get rid of pests at your home and at work.

    In this article, we share with you five effective pest control methods for your pest problems at home.

    Organic Pest Control

    In terms of limiting the damage caused during the process of pest control services, many homeowners tend to favour natural methods in order to target only pests and protect the environment from harm in the process.

    This process uses traps and baits made with sodium fluoroacetate (FCH₂CO₂Na), a biodegradable poison that targets a range of pests. It is considered the most environmental-friendly and at the same time cost-savvy method of pest control and can also be in the form of products like oil sprays, insecticidal soap, and parasitic nematodes to name a few.

    Biological Pest Control

    On the other hand, biological pest control is a term often used interchangeably with natural pest control as it relies mainly on predation, parasitism, and other natural mechanisms to control pests.

    In this technique, the natural enemies of the pests such as predators and parasites are introduced into the environment, which will then interfere with their ability to breed. A great illustration of this is by using domesticated cats to keep rodents away – a method that dates back to the time of ancient Egypt.

    In general, this method is safe for your health and the environment. It’s success, however, depends largely upon the appropriate use of species under proper conditions.

    Chemical Pest Control

    Now, for the most effective pest control method, one cannot ignore the use of a wide range of chemical solutions available in the market to eliminate and repel pests off your property.

    However, keep in mind that while these are effective, pesticides can be hazardous and can contaminate food, land, air, and water. If not used properly, they can be dangerous for the people handling them and other living organisms nearby.

    Therefore, before you use a pesticide yourself, always remember to read the label on the chemical and keep it out of reach of children. On the other hand, why not save the hassle by calling for pest control services in Singapore to safely do the job.

    Hygiene Control

    Finally, while it may seem obvious, hygiene control is one of the facets of pest control that’s often overlooked.

    As you will notice, there are fewer pets found in places that are maintained with a high level of sanitation. Thus, leave no venue for pests to spread and multiply. Apart from controlling pests, prevent infestation in the first place by practising good hygiene.

    Clean up after meals. Wash and dry the dishes after use and store food in lid-fitted containers. Keep all the surfaces and household items clean. Seal all drains and holes and dispose of trash properly. Bury those that are biodegradable.

    If you want a pest-free resident, maintain a clean and healthy living. All these steps will ensure there are fewer chances for pests to thrive in your home and that the use of pesticides is your last option.

    Nevertheless, you can trust our highly-trained pest specialists to employ safe and effective pest control measures using only Premium NEA-certified and approved pesticides which are guaranteed low in toxicity and safe to humans.

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