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  • Early Signs Of Bed Bugs : Prevention & Control Tips

    Prevention Bed Bugs

    Small, wingless insects that feed on human blood, bed bugs are thought to have vanquished forever. 

    However, these insects are making a resurgence in Singapore and the rest of the world as of late. A new strain of pesticide-resistant bed bugs are popping up everywhere across the world with thousands of complaints being reported every year with cracks and crevices—and the statistics are somewhat alarming. 

    In a 2015 survey, it’s revealed that hotels and motels are the third most bedbug-infested places across the globe. What’s more terrifying is that they’re not only found in some cheap motels but in five-star hotels, resorts, aeroplanes, and homes as well. 

    By this time, bed bugs are harder than ever to get rid of bed bugs and bed bugs hide in a variety of places. It’s understandable why more and more homeowners are turning to bed bug control services in Singapore to make sure that their households are free of bedbugs. But, while calling the professionals are for getting rid of bedbugs already in your home, taking some preemptive steps will keep them from getting into your property in the first place. 

    In this article, discover some bed bug prevention and control tips you can do at home. 

    1. Reduce the clutter 

    When preventing bed bugs at home, the first order of business is to clean the clutter and reduce their potential hiding places. Start by getting rid of the clutter against the walls, as these areas are particularly attractive to them. Organise and store your belongings properly and dispose of anything you no longer need. 

    2. Wash your bedding  

    Make sure to wash and heat-dry your bed sheets, bed frame, blankets, and bedspreads on a regular basis to prevent bedbugs bite. Bed Bugs hide It will allow you to monitor for early signs of bed bug infestation. While at it, check the hampers for bed bugs and eggs as well and clean them every time you do the laundry. 

    3. Avoid secondhand items 

    While they may seem harmless, secondhand furniture and appliance can be perfect hiding places for bed bugs. Hence, you’ll want to think twice about purchasing used items but, when you can’t avoid doing so, make sure to check and treat them for bed bugs before taking them home. 

    4. Protect your mattress and box spring 

    If possible, use a protective cover for your mattresses and box springs to further reduce the potential hiding spots for bed bugs. Be sure to purchase high-quality casings that will resist tearing and inspect them for signs of infestation: bed bugs, faeces, blood spots, or cast skins. 

    5. Beware of Bedbugs When Travelling 

    Bed bugs are professional hitchhikers and when travelling, you run the risk of taking them home from your hotel room. Here are some tips to avoid this when checking in a hotel. 

    • Immediately look for signs of bed bug infestation.
    • Don’t place your luggage or clothes on the floor.
    • Wash and dry your clothes at the highest setting for at least 15 minutes before repacking.  
    • If drying is not possible, store your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags instead. (It will help confine potential infestation to your clothes until they’re available for washing.)

    6. Turn to the Professionals 

    You can’t deal with bed bugs on your own. If you’re already dealing with an infestation, hiring a pest control professional like Pest Off will allow you to safely and effectively get rid of bed bugs from your home. We use a premium range of NEA-approved chemicals to carry out bed bug treatments in Singapore

    In addition to the one-time treatment, you can also look into having a periodic bedbug control preventive maintenance by our highly-qualified pest control specialists. 

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