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  • How To Kill Bed Bugs With Cost-Effective Control Methods

    Prevention Bed Bugs

    Dealing with a bedbug infestation in your space can drain your finances and energy. This is mainly because bed bugs multiply at a faster rate compared to other pests. 

    Bed bugs have also been known to resist common control methods, some of which are costly and ineffective. 

    Having the right information about bed bug infestation and control will help you choose the best method for eradicating bed bugs. 

    It is, therefore, important to choose a cost-effective bed bug control method and a company with a proven bed bug control track record to do it. 

    Bed Bug Control Methods

    The following are some of the cost-effective bed bug control methods you can use. They range from do-it-yourself methods to hiring pest control professionals that can help you in dealing with the bed bug infestation. 

    Using a Range of Heat Treatment Options

    Heat treatment for bed bug control makes use of different heating options for bed bug eradication. Some of the heating processes you can consider include steaming, room heating treatment, and clothes dryers. 

    In most cases, the use of one heating method may not completely eradication a bed bug infestation. The professional will have use a combination of multiple heating approaches to achieve the desired results. 

    Combine the use of steaming and clothes dryers for eliminating the infestation in clothing and bedding. Passing the steam through the fabric will progressively kill the bed bugs over a period of time. The alternative to steaming and clothes dryers is room heating for bed bug eradication

    The use of room heating is considered the most cost-effective option. In this method, a professional bed bug control company will heat-up the room or building to high enough temperatures. 

    Meanwhile, the necessary measures are put into place to ensure that fires do not erupt during the treatment process. It is possible to completely eradicate a bed bug infestation using a single application of the room heating method. 

    This will not only help in getting rid of the pests faster, but it will save you on the use of additional bed bug control methods. Therefore, using the heat treatment is usually a cost-effective bed bug control method for the long-term.

    Avoid Second-Hand Goods Where Possible.

    ​Second-hand items can be easily bought at a low price. Apps like Carousell has made transactions of second-hand items convenient, and by now it is likely you have bought purchase a second-hand piece of furniture or fabric for yourself. 

    The caveat is that these second-hand goods may carry fleas or bed bugs, and once in your house or other space, the bed bugs quickly spread to the other furniture and items in the room. Bed bugs can be even spread by a person who is unknowingly wearing the infested clothing. 

    Therefore, before purchasing a second-hand good, it is important to ensure that the item is not infested with bed bugs. This can be done through a close inspection of the second-hand items at the time of purchase. 

    If you spot signs of a bed bug infestation on the item, you will be better off abandoning the purchase. Spending some extra cash on a new item might prove costly but can be a method of preventing a potential bed bug infestation in your home.

    Use the readily-available Vacuum Cleaner

    Your vacuum cleaner at home may be efficient in cleaning dirt and performing cleaning tasks around the home, but do you know they can also pass for a cost-effective bed bug control tool? 

    With a little modification to the vacuum cleaner, it can be ready for some bed bug control tasks at home. Cover the suction opening of the vacuum cleaner with a sock before returning the nozzle. 

    Proceed to vacuum crevices and gaps around the house that are likely to host the pests. The vacuuming will suck-out the bed bugs hidden in cracks and crevices and trap them between the sock and nozzle. The trapped bugs will also not be able to infest the vacuum cleaner due to the protective sock. 

    Vacuuming is a cost-effective method for bed bug control since you can use materials that are readily available at home. It can be a great way to control the bed bug problem for the time being while you wait to engage a professional bed bug control company

    This method is effective in the case of controlling a severe infestation. Vacuuming the areas under severe infestation will give room for continued monitoring and use of additional control methods. Follow-up control methods can focus on the complete elimination of bed bugs missed during the vacuuming process. 

    Deploy Bed Bug Traps around the House

    Sometimes, what you need is a method to monitor or hold off the further spreading of a bed bug infestation, while you search for additional control methods. This is where bed bug traps can work for you. 

    They can be placed at different points around the house and emit a special gas. This gas attracts the bed bugs, and as they move around the house, they are drawn to the trap and captured in the process. 

    The use of traps is considered useful as it can be useful in the early detection of a bed bug invasion in your home. As the bugs first gain entry, they are likely to move around in search of breeding and hiding places. Chances are high that the bed bugs will be captured in any one of the traps placed around the house. Since the trap can be used more a single time, it remains a cost-effective method for bed bug control. 


    There are many options to choose for bed bug control, and when it comes to the best method of controlling them, consider the following tips

    Using multiple control methods at once. 

    Bed bugs are known to build resistance to various control methods rapidly. Therefore, the combined use of different control methods can be more effective in successfully eliminating them. 

    The methods can be applied at the same time or one after the other. You might use a random approach of applying the control methods, for the achievement of successful bed bug eradication. 

    Seek the Services of a Professional Pest Control Company

    The majority of the cost-effective bed bug control options fall into the do-it-yourself (DIY) category. However, the services of a professional pest control company are also cost-effective considering the benefits you stand to get. Engaging a professional pest control company will give you access to detailed information on the level of infestation in your home. 

    An inspection of your home will establish whether the bed bug infestation is in the early stages or severe levels. You can also get information on how each control method will affect you in your living space. 

    The availability of different bed bug control methods does not guarantee that you will get the best results from any option. Picking a control method that addresses your needs will get you started and help you maintain a bedbug-free environment. 

    Choosing a suitable method on your own can prove challenging. In this case, consider working with professionals on the job. A certified pest control company will help you get rid of bed bugs in spite of the level of infestation. It is practically possible to control bed bugs using cost-effective control methods. However, choosing the right control methods will help you get the desired results. 

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