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    Rid of Termites

    In this digital age where almost everything is available online, you may believe that you can save on labour costs by doing things yourself—renovation, plumbing, carpentry, and termite control. All you have to do is gather the right tools and google how to DIY everything. Easy, right?

    The truth, however, is that while going the DIY route may work for certain projects, it just isn’t the case with termite control. Termites are a destructive pest to many Singapore homes and unlike any other pests that could be managed with proper housekeeping, they can be too difficult to get rid of using DIY solutions.

    Whether you are strapped for cash or merely confident that you can DIY with success, what you should know is that doing termite treatment on your own comes with the risk of subjecting you and your household to some risks and disadvantages.

    Health Risks

    Termite treatments employ the use of different types of chemicals—termiticides, in particular. Most of these substances may be toxic to you, your family, pets and even plants. Incorrect application or direct contact with these chemicals can cause rashes, food poisoning and some respiratory conditions.

    Pest control specialists know exactly how to handle pesticides and employing them to conduct termite control can guarantee your safety.

    Financial Risks

    Saving time and money are the primary reasons that attract many Singapore homeowners to DIY. But, think about it, provided that you don’t have sufficient knowledge to perform the treatment, the trial and error involved with the DIY process can actually cost you more money than hiring a pest management company.

    Engaging the help of professional exterminators can be more expensive but you can rest easy knowing that the methods they use are proven effective and will last longer than any DIY solutions. It means less time and money consumed on your part because you’re saved from costly pest control mistakes.

    Risks for Further Damage

    Between the chemicals involved and the expense of termite treatment, the risks for further structural damage is another concern for DIY pest control. Because there are different termite species that require different treatment methods, a commercial pesticide might not be as effective in getting rid of the specific termites infesting your home.

    This can result in ineffective treatment that can allow termites to further multiply and potentially cause more damage to your home.

    With all these reasons, you should be convinced by now that it’s not safe to conduct termite control on your own—unless of course, if you’re willing to risk your time, money, health, and safety on ineffective DIY termite treatments.

    Keep in mind that while some things are meant to be DIYed, termite control just isn’t one of them. So, should you get rid of termites on your own? These facts think not.

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