Mr Kay Ong

Pest Off went the extra mile than just performing regular pest control at my plant. They took the effort to point out the various potential harbourage areas and provided us with constructive feedback on improvements and changes to be made on the ground. Appreciate your help, Pest Off!


The technicians are very professional and friendly. They are always on time and are very responsive to our problems.

If you are looking for a pest control company with quality service, I will highly recommend Pest Off Pte Ltd.

Ms Seow

Very friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who spends time understanding my needs and sharing his knowledge with me. He even paid me a visit after the service to make sure everything was alright.

Appreciate the wonderful experience.

Ms Lily

Having well-trained and experienced staff, they offer uncompromising attention to details and took the burden of pest management from me. They freed up my time to concentrate on my business, thumbs up for this fantastic company’s Pest Services.

Mr Lionel Loh

Despite knowing that our estate was in the dengue cluster zone, they not only took the effort to be extra thorough during servicing but also conducted talks and gave out flyers to educate our residents on mosquito prevention. Kudos to this fantastic company!

Mr Bryan Yi

A fantastic pest control partner to work with; they gave us very good insights on the various treatment methods commonly used and came up with a creative solution to help drastically reduce our client’s cockroach problem in the bin chutes.

Mr Yang

Pest Off’s technician is courteous and knowledgeable. He taught me on prevention methods and took the time to explain the exact application procedure, as well as what I could expect in the following days. Thank you so much, Pest Off.