Are there unwanted Pests sharing your bed? Pest Off is the here to give you a Good Night’s Sleep.

Bedbugs are tiny ‘blood sucking’ insects that commonly hide in bed frames and mattresses, bed bugs are able to quickly spread to small crevices and hiding places by crawling on the walls and ceiling. Their bites can cause severe itching and discomfort to anyone in the household. They are generally considered to be one of the most difficult bug infestations to get rid of.

Signs of infestation

  • Itchy rashes on areas of the skin that are exposed while sleeping
  • Blood stains at the seams of bed (bed bug excrement)
  • Musty smell in the room
  • Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects up to 4 to 5 mm long or the size of an apple seed giving them the ability to hide within cracks in the walls and around the premise unable to detect.
  • Bed Bugs spread very easily and can be found in public areas like cinemas, public transport, offices etc.
  • Bed bugs are attracted by carbon dioxide and body odour the host produce, hence they mostly appear in the wee hours. As they feed their bodies become swollen and reddish
  • Bug Bugs uses the protein in blood to reproduce and can lay up to 5 eggs a day, in a life time they can produce up to 500 eggs.
  • Carry out periodic spring cleaning and dispose all unwanted items to reduce clutter and minimize the pest harbourage.
  • Soaking fabrics in hot water above 60 degrees will kill the bugs.
  • We do not recommend used clothing and other items from neighbours, thrift stores, sales, flea markets; etc which carries a risk of bringing bedbugs into your home.
  • Disinfect your luggage after a holiday trip to prevent any bugs from entering your home.
  • Consider a periodic Bedbug control preventive maintenance program by our professionally trained Pest Off’s specialists.

Inspection + Flush Out

Our Bed Bug Specialist team will examine your entire home including mattress, frames, crevices etc. narrowing down to locate cluster of bed bugs flushing them out of any cracks and crevices they might be hiding. They are highly trained in technical skills rising above their peers to be our bed bugs specialist team and also achieving NEA’s highest qualification for pest control technicians.


Our chemicals are handpicked over multiple trails to select only the premium range of NEA approve chemicals which is safe, odorless and does not stain any furniture or walls. And the bottom line effective in carrying out the treatment. As bed bugs can be hiding anywhere in the premise, residual chemicals and space dispersion techniques are used to treat the infected space effectively. Once dried they stay effective for a period of 2 weeks before breaking down naturally.

For more sensitive skins and allergy we have an alternative for a non-chemical treatment using only heat techniques to kill bed bugs
Keeping your home bed bugs free and your family safe.


Seeking professional advice early is critical to avoiding a troublesome, time-consuming battle against bed bugs. Our NEA certified consultants are trained in the latest techniques for identification, management and prevention of bed bugs.

Spotting only a few bed bugs is not necessarily a sign that your infestation is not serious, as they might be hiding in hidden areas like behind the bed frames or crack and crevices.Thus, it is important to immediately seek professional help before the infestation worsens.

  • Identification of the type and source of infestation
  • Recommend the appropriate treatment for infestation
  • Professional application of the treatment to ensure the best chance of success
  • Advise on long-term prevention measures
  • Follow up 7-10 days later to give you a peace of mind
  • Specialized field technicians to get to the source of the problem
  • Government-registered premium grade chemicals
  • Harmless to humans and pets
  • Re-treatment within warranty period at NO COST
  • Call us to find out more now @ 6280 0777 (24 hours)

Get in touch

Our consultants are available 24/7 to deal with any pest emergency you may have, so your family can be safe from bed bugs and have a restful night.

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